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spn_downunder's Journal

Supernatural Fans, Australia & New Zealand
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All Members , Moderated
Fan community for Australian and New Zealand fans of Supernatural, starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalekci.

Community Rules:

1. Play Nice! Rudeness is not acceptable. Be nice to your fellow community members.
2. Spoilers Use the cut tag and give adequate warning that your post contains spoilers. When posting about the most recent episode, please use the cut-tag and do not spoil your fellow members. Some of us will be viewing episodes earlier/later than others, so lets keep the main pages spoiler-free.
3. Pictures Can Be Spoilers Too, so please use the cut-tag if posting pictures from un-aired episodes (or just-aired ones) and give fair warning.
4. Icons/Wallpapers/Banners Etc are currently not allowed. Try super_graphics, supernaturalart, supernatu_icons and winchestercases

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